We combine strategies and innovations to create sustainable solutions

Intep’s services include integrated consulting and applied research in the areas of society, environment and economy. We support private organizations and public institutions in sustainable development, in-creasing their profitability and securing competitive ad-vantages. This is where business decisions are made regarding the company focus, profitability and risks. Successful management of these challenges is characterized by Intep’s sustainable organizational performance services.

We research and work on future-oriented topics such as sufficiency, recycling management, 2000-watt-society, life-cycle assessment, life-cycle-costing, BIM-based integral planning or living and working with low environmental effects.

Socio-economic Consulting and Research

With a spatial socio-economic analysis we offer the basis for economic development of cities and regions. We develop strategies for the implementation of sustainable districts, neighborhoods and buildings – well-founded, targeted, prudent and well thought out. In the topics of buildings, operations, energy, space programming and user behavior, we develop the foundations for political, societal, technological and urban development solutions.


Our consulting and research is based on an integrated approach: the diversity of influencing topics is just as much considered as the entire life cycle of a building or an organization.

Environment and Resource Management

We understand sustainable management as a holistic strategy which combines an optimized added value with environmental responsibility. In addition to the implementation of the Energy Strategy 2050, an efficient usage of the available resources is a prerequisite. Our accredited professionals specifically evaluate the energy and resource usage as well as operational weaknesses, in order to develop measures to improve energy and resource efficiency.


We assist with the use of federal and municipal programs for funding support. We also advise on the implementation and optimization of environmental management or energy management systems.

Climate Protection and Energy Management

Concepts for energy and climate protection contribute to the reduction goals of energy policies. We design mission statements and plan the “energy future” of regions and cities. A climate protection concept illustrates the technical and economical possibilities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The 2000-watt-society is a vision with clear goals for energy and resource efficiency and climate protection, which comprises all areas of society.


Municipal and regional energy planning is an important basis for achieving climate protection goals. We assess the future energy demand and the availability of renewable energies and waste heat. We define the development of energy supply and usage and identify the necessary means and measures.

High Performance Design and Engineering

Lowest Energy, Zero-Emission- and Plus-Energy Standards for cities, neighborhoods and buildings hardly cause emissions into the air, soil and water since all resource cycles are closed as much as possible. The focus is on energy and water efficiency, usage of renewable energies and ecological and recycled building materials, decentralized waste water treatment and reduced land use.


Our concepts and planings are based on many years of experience. With simple, practice-proven solutions, we ensure optimal comfort conditions, user satisfaction, and worthwhile investments while also minimizing risks.

Sustainable Building and Operations

Sustainable construction and operation includes cost-effective construction, resource efficiency, flexibility towards changes in use, energy efficiency and a healthy interior. We develop tailored sustainability concepts and ensure their systematic implementation. We advise on the selection of suitable materials and products and ensure compliance with the relevant requirements during the planning and construction process.


Our teams prepare feasibility studies, energy and life cycle assessments, manage the commissioning and provide verification in pursuit of Green Building Certifications. We also provide professional advice for the implementation of sustainable standards and labels, such as BREEAM, DGNB, LEED, MINERGIE-(A/P)-ECO, SNBS, WELL, HQE or 2000-Watt-Areas.

Management Consulting and Strategy Development

We provide our clients a holistic system. By analyzing the strengths and weaknesses we can conduct a sustainable optimization and strategy development for your organization. This includes solutions for corporate governance, management systems, strategy development, process management, marketing, communication, market analyses as well as in- and outsourcing models.


We assist with the development, design, documentation and improvement of operational procedures. Our services include the modelling of business processes, the implementation of process and product management systems, the assessment of suitable product and process management key figures, support with product and brand policy and the policy development of goods and services.

Real Estate und Facility Management

With a future outlook for market developments, we identify possibilities for medium- and long-term management of the real estate portfolio. In the course of a comprehensive due diligence examination, we analyze life cycle costs, identify necessary investments and create a well-founded basis for improved performance of the property.


With our strategic real estate management we create sustainable added value for all involved parties: for the owner a maximum rate of return from the real estate portfolio, economically attractive conditions, reliable procedures as well as a clear definition of service interfaces and ways of communication. We advise on the restructuring and optimization of facility management and also on providing operational services.