SBB infrastructure buildings

Due to the different types and sizes of SBB Infrastructure buildings, sustainability cannot be assessed according to current building standards. On the basis of existing standards and internal guidelines, requirements specifically geared to SBB Infrastructure are defined. An evaluation tool of its own serves to support planners and ensures that compliance with the standards can be easily checked.

Uniform assessment of a diversified portfolio


Project period

2016 - 2018


SBB Infrastruktur


Standard sustainable infrastructure buildings - SNIG Excel-based, multilingual assessment tool

SBB Infrastructure’s portfolio includes a wide variety of typologies – from small technical buildings to very large operating centres. Due to these different and usually special building types and sizes, it is not possible to apply the standard assessment systems for sustainable construction. Nevertheless, the aim is to define a standard for sustainable infrastructure buildings that can be applied as comprehensively as possible. For this standard, requirements are defined on the basis of existing and proven labels and in line with internal Group guidelines and stored with benchmarks that correspond to the boundary conditions of the buildings to be evaluated.


The process of selecting and interpreting these requirements takes place in several workshops with experts from the individual SBB divisions under the technical direction of intep. The resulting set of criteria must be applied in full to new “railway technology buildings with workstations”; for the other two building groups “railway technology buildings without workstations” and “technical cabins”, as well as for existing buildings, the set of criteria is reduced to the appropriate criteria. This results in a sustainability standard for new buildings and renovations that can be applied to all different types of SBB Infrastructure buildings. To support the planning process and the simple verification of compliance with the specifications, a multilingual, Excel-based evaluation tool, including instructions, is provided, which also allows a phase-specific assessment of the projects.


Layout of the existing labels

Create multilingual Excel rating tool

Moderation of the stakeholder process

Development of boundary conditions and set of criteria